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  • What is the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, and social worker?"
    Great question! All of these professionals can provide psychotherapy services to clients but vary in their credentials and training. Psychotherapists: Have their Masters Degree and can provide psychotherapy support to clients using a variety of treatment modalities. ​ Social Workers: Also have their Masters Degree and can provide psychotherapy or case management support to clients. Psychologists: Have their PhD degree. In addition to psychotherapy, they can complete psychological assessments and provide diagnoses. Psychiatrists: Have their MD degree and are Physicians. They can do everything psychologists can do in addition to prescribing medication.
  • Do you provide free consultation?
    Yes!! I provide a free 15-minute phone consultation to all clients to determine what kind of service you would require and if we would be a good therapeutic fit.
  • How long does each therapy session take?
    Individual sessions are 50 minutes in length while Couple and Family Therapy sessions are 75 minutes in length. Sessions can also be adjusted to be longer or shorter based on client needs.
  • Are these services covered by OHIP?
    Unfortunately, psychotherapy services are not covered by OHIP at this time. We will update this section when/if there are any changes in the future.
  • I have insurance through work. How do I know if therapy is covered?
    All insurance companies have different policies which cover different service providers. Please check with your insurance company to see if you are covered for a Registered Psychotherapist.
  • Do you offer sliding scale rates?
    We do have a select number of spots offering clients sliding scale rates. Please inquire if there are any spots available.
  • How does payment work?
    Payment is accepted at the end of the session in the form of cash, credit, or etransfer. You will be provided with a receipt at the end of the session to give to your insurance company. We do not bill insurance companies directly. ​ We require 24hrs notice to cancel a session. If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24hrs notice, then you will be charged the full session fee.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    You will find a "book an appointment" button at the top of this page. When you click this, it will take you to my online booking system. Here, you will need to create an account before you can select appointment times that match your availability. Alternatively, you can call or email me to book an appointment directly.
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